Friday, July 30, 2010


oil on canvas, 24"x 18"
commissioned work

I just delivered this yesterday to a friend who commissioned this for his 10th Anniversary gift to his wife. How sweet life is!, he said. What a lovely gift and the thought behind this is so lovely. My 10th is coming up and now the pressure is on... I really enjoyed the reflections and warmth on the glass. So fun to paint, I will probably paint some kind of larger version for a show.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Cherry on Top"

"Cherry on Top"
36"x 48"
Calorie Free Oil on canvas
Favorite 15% of Boldbrush Painting competition!

I have guilt for not posting often anymore but I am still working large and the pieces take considerable time. I did take some time off after my last show so it might be a bit more frequent for a while now.

This piece is a commission for the Vashon Allied Arts Art auction in September. I 'm really excited to be one of their 6 commissioned artists and tried to work up something really great for them. I've been considering ice cream for some time and this was as fun to paint as peanut butter and jelly... and my kids enjoyed it a whole lot when I was done photographing it. part of my life has become food stylist!