Saturday, April 24, 2010


Thought I'd add a little perspective since it is hard to tell... Adding a last few details.

Friday, April 23, 2010


oil on canvas, 48"x60"

Well, I'm still painting huge... and I spent a week in New York looking at museums and the end result was me being really thrilled with the huge portraits of Chuck Close. It has inspired me to try a portrait this large although I admit I wasn't quite ready for a person and thus decided on a cat. I painted this image once before but it was 6"x 6" not 4' x 5'. I may never paint small again... What do you think? Double click to see detail. Thanks to those of you who comment. I really appreciate the input!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Part of a Balanced Breakfast!"

"Part of a Balanced Breakfast!"
oil on canvas, 40" x 40"
Favorite 15% of Boldbrush painting Competition!
September 2010
Now this was fun to paint... Although it was hard to buy. I live on an island full of vegetarians, vegans, and people living off the land. It is crunchy to say the least and going into the grocery store and purchasing a box of Froot Loops without anyone seeing me was a challenge. I even had second thoughts about painting this but the neon colors and texture took me away. NOT that there is anything wrong with Froot Loops except for the fact that the very first ingredient is sugar. Enjoy.

Never having had this kind of cereal ever in their lives (at my house at least), my children were beside themselves when I brought them home. One hated them and won't go near them, the other has rationed them out so he can make it through the rest of the box over a couple of weeks, but then his other favorite food is bacon. What's a mother to do?