Friday, May 21, 2010

In Progress...

work in progress, 48"x 60" total size

This is a small section (maybe a third...) of the large canvas ( 4'x5')I'm working on now and it seems like it's taking me a few weeks. I'm still loving large paintings and just have to keep going. It makes my posting less often for sure and I'm sorry about that but I am painting everyday. Still lots to go and final details (like more eyelashes etc.) a plenty. I will post the finished painting when I can paint no longer.

The picture below is at the Silverwood Gallery for my show that is up now through the end of June. It was a wonderful opening night and please stop by if you are on Vashon Island!

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  1. Oh, Kristen, I think this will be very special...wish I could drop by your show, good luck with that!