Monday, October 25, 2010

"Oh Honey" and Coos Bay Art Museum

"Oh Honey"
oil on canvas, 40"x 30"

I painted honey in jars earlier in the year and I loved it so much that I tried again, bigger this time and with lots more details... What beautiful colors to work with... and all the glass. Loads of fun to paint.

AND I should add that I have a piece accepted into another National Juried show. This one is at the Coos Art Museum in Coos Bay, Oregon. The theme is "Fish and Fishing" and with my sense of humor I chose to enter my swedish fish painting called "No Escaping the Bag" and they bit! I'm very excited. It will open in December and be there until the middle of February. I have a feeling it might be the only candy fish there...

"No Escaping the Bag"
oil on canvas, 12" x 36"


  1. That's Great Kristen, congratulations! I love your honey jar too!

  2. The honey jar is absolutely stunning. Wonderful colors and glow. Congratulations on being accepted into the show.

  3. Not only have you recreated the warm glow of the honey, but the density is there as well - this is beautiful!
    Congratulations on having your Swedish fish painting of my favorites for sure!

  4. I love the sun shining through that honey and the way that you have captured the glass :-)