Thursday, November 18, 2010

Art progress

Art Bug

I am a firm believer in living an artful life. I've always wanted to paint a car, especially a spectacular 1973 beetle, and this summer it all came to fruition. I should point out that the weather went south before I got it done... I haven't posted my car at all but much of my summer was spent in bliss painting away. It really makes me love being an artist and the freedom it gives to create anything you want. Hopefully sometime next summer this car will be done, although it could possibly go on forever. The sides have chalkboard paint and are interactive with viewers if they so choose. I generally leave chalk out for freedom of speech. It's been a real blast. Art can take on so many forms...

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  1. Kristen, How absolutely wonderful!!! I love it, and hope someday soon it will be parked in my driveway for a visit. You are a true inspiration.