Thursday, December 16, 2010

"Nikko" and Thanks!

oil on board, 8x8"

Nikko was a cat of mine from years ago. I always miss him when it snows though, because he loved to be out in the white powder. His green eyes were stunning! Don't know why I painted him now, just going through pictures and saw his lovely face.

I want to thank those who braved the weather to come to my studio and made the last 2 weekends such fun! Come back next time in May for lots of new work and garden mosaics too. Happy Holidays to all!


  1. Kristen, Happy Holidays to you too. Love the colors in the painting of Nikko and the perspective.

  2. Nikko is wonderful- great job and composition. Love his face.

  3. Your kitty was beautiful. Love the way you painted him. Your love shows through...