Wednesday, June 15, 2011


(Bob's Bakery Cheese and Cherry Danishes)
oil on board, 8"x 10"
So, I live on an island that in order to leave, one must take a ferry. These are big ferries that hold about 100 cars and there are plenty of state ferry workers that man the boats. Just this week there was an incident that made the news about one such person smearing a Bob's Bakery Danish onto the windshield of a regular commuters' car. Very unfortunate but quite humorous actually. Anyway, you can check out the video on Youtube (Danish) but of course it gave me the opportunity to head over to Bob's ( a local standby) and paint the offending pastries. I quite enjoyed myself.

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  1. Love those danish, and loved reading about the incident in the paper. You are one busy painter! Great work. Hope to see you soon.