Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"Portrait of the General" oil on board 16x20"

"Bursting" oil on canvas 18x24"

"The Forest Within" oil on canvas 18x24"

"Last Wishes" oil and mixed
media on board 30x48"

"Rest" oil on canvas 18x24"

One year ago I began my adventure with oil paint. For many years prior I was a professional French Horn player. Many life circumstances made me choose to put down my instrument and and pick up brushes. Many thanks go out to Pam Ingalls for getting me started and guiding me well. And so I have come to a place, one year later, to embark on the ritual of daily painting. I will first post my favorite paintings looking back over the year before. I have been trying to keep up a schedule of one painting a day for the past month and loved the work ethic. The next post will show the best of these and then I will post as closely as I can to one per day. Coming from the field of classical music performance, daily practice is essential to growth. And so I start...

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  1. Wonderful! My goodness. I was expecting fun, interesting, something... but this is freakin fantastic!