Friday, July 24, 2009


"Tiny Rose"
oil on board, 4x4"
$50 plus $10 shipping

I'm down to 4x4" size boards at this point until I gesso some bigger things. So I painted tiny today. We've also been busy building a meditation studio and a chicken coop for a few weeks so my time is absorbed lots of places right now. Not the least of which is time spent still trying to find my cat. Still holding on to great hope. 

This rose is in my front garden and draws me in everyday. I love the deep pink turning to yellow. My chicks are getting big quick. I'm looking forward to some more chicken paintings once they are in their own space...


  1. What caught my eye was not so much the rose this time, but the light and shadow on the leaves. I love the blue in them. Lovely, as always, Kristen.

  2. Fantastic color and light! I like the way you made the leaf area blue. Really gorgeous!