Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Old Turquoise Beauty"

"Old Turquoise Beauty"
oil on board, 8x8"
$150 plus $10 shipping

This old car lived just down the street from when we lived in Seattle. I'm not sure how much it ever moved but the color drew me in again and again. Thought it was time for a little car portrait.

Thanks to all of you who came to my show last weekend and made it so successful! I'll have my studio open this weekend again and there are lots of other talented artists taking part in our annual Vashon Island Art Studio Tour. Come check it out from 10-4 Saturday and Sunday and see our beautiful island.

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  1. I am not sure why, but this is my favorite of all your pieces, Kristin. I've always loved old cars and for some reason, just find them so aesthetically pleasing. Of course, I love antiques and memories of the "olden" days too. This is a fabulous perspective, truly and a true capture of one of those 50's colors that some cars came off of the line with. Love your new photo too. Looks perfect for the change of seasons.