Monday, February 14, 2011


I think I'm done or at least almost. I will touch up tomorrow and soften some things just a wee bit, but I have to call it quits after that and move on. I decided to darken the background a whole lot to make this more striking. I hope it worked... and again, photographing this was quite a challenge. The feathers toward the bottom aren't as blue as they are here but I will post the final photo when I get a great one with the light in the room really even. It's dark out today and my studio gets a lot of light from windows, hence the blue tinge here and there.


  1. He's great! I kind of get the shivers, though...a rooster like this stole my sandwich when I was five...he was almost as big as me!( Well, it seemed like it at the time) He scared me so bad, lol! This is an amazing rendition, though.

  2. This rooster was the kindest and gentlest beast I know. He never scared anyone, thankfully...

  3. Just voted for him at bold brush. The darkened background really does provide greater contrast. Great job... I love chickens and roosters to paint and to have in my kitchen. Awesome!