Thursday, February 17, 2011


oil on board, 8"x 8"
I had some beautiful roses left from Valentines Day and they beckoned me for painting. I am not so sure how successful this is... The whites got more difficult as I went but I really liked the composition. Painting large feels sooo comfortable to me now that when I choose something little, I feel truly challenged. It is good for me to practice. If I had only had a 30" x 30" canvas hanging around...

I was, at one point, really wanting to join the world of daily painters and I admire the community surrounding them online. But alas, I have realized over the last year that painting large format oils is definitely my thing. Sorry to disappoint those who knew me in my A Painting a Day phase. I will promise to post progress shots on my large pieces in an effort to remain in the online art world. I do still paint everyday, it's just that now my works take weeks, not days. Thanks for hanging in with me through my journey.

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