Wednesday, September 16, 2009


oil on canvas board, 16"x 20"
$425 plus $15 shipping in the US

I took some reference photos last spring of a hiking trail on Vashon Island (where I live). If you hit it just right, there are millions of these little snowdrops blooming in the woods. These had this droplet sitting right between them reflecting the ground and flowers. I love the photograph and wanted to see how it might look in paint.

On the subject of ups and downs...

Heading off into a new career in the middle of my life has been such a momentous change and also given me cause to worry at times. Having had a successful career playing classical music and then being faced with circumstances that have made me set aside my instrument of 29 years was a hard one. Especially when you have gone to school somewhere prestigious. Julliard. Everyone expects you to play forever because you had talent. Anyway, I have days when I wonder about my choices and then, even in the face of self doubt, I am happy to realize that I always have the will to get out a brush and start painting. It is the thing that makes me a daily painter. My mentor and friend, Pam Ingalls, mentioned a quote to me once when I asked her about wanting to be in art and wanting to be successful and I 'm sorry to say I can't remember who said it.. but she said that if you really want it, you have to paint like your hair is on fire. And so I do. Thanks to those of you who are checking in on my blog and my art and thank you for the comments. I am proud to have a community close by and online that spur me on. 

I'm thinking of a self portrait, with flaming hair....


  1. Wow, this is beautiful! And you are a very talented lady- musician AND a great painter? Pretty impressive!

  2. What an amazing lifetime of experience you have had, Kristin! I hope you are more than proud of having attended Julliard. Prestigious indeed and difficult to get into that school. I hope that you can still play your instrument for your own satisfaction, enjoyment, and to find your peace within. To be able to play an instrument AND to paint as you do...just amazing to me. I'd give a lot to have a special talent in any thing. Many hugs to you. And by the way...your words make me miss Washington so very much. I love your island too.