Monday, February 22, 2010

"Peppered Turkey on Rye" and Sunshine Award!

"Peppered Turkey on Rye"
oil on canvas, 24" x 48"

Here is another of my big pieces. I liked the peanut butter and jelly so much I did a companion piece for those of us who like more of a Daggwood Sandwich. The lettuce was so fun to paint. I have to say I am really enjoying painting this big pieces more than anything I've painted so far. I've definitely found a thread...
And I was given a lovely Sunshine Award by Kelley MacDonald and I am so thrilled to be recognized by other painters online! I am supposed to pass it on to 12 others that bring Sunshine into my day but alas I am SOOO busy this morning that I will post again later this afternoon and fulfill my obligation....I am in the middle of 3 projects today so check back to see the list later... and a big Thank You to Kelley!


  1. This is my idea of a sandwich. I am not sure I could have this incredible painting hanging in my house...I would want to take a bite of it each time I passed by...and that might damage the canvas... Your textures and colors are SUBLIME!!!

  2. Kristen, LOVE this new direction you are taking with the larger canvases. They are all spectacular. How about "chocolate" or "mexican food" (hey, I'm from Texas) for craving suggestions!

  3. Veeery good! Wow Kristen, this is really fun! Keep going and well done!

  4. I love these super large paintings and the subjects you are using, who can't identify with all of them...great job!